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We are currently conducting creative workshops and training programs for Corporates, NGO, Schools, Call centers, Banks etc.

Our workshops have been successful in imparting knowledge and developing creative skills and talents in so many individuals who have now discovered a new meaning to their life.

Aim of Workshops:
Living a fast-paced professional life often leaves us with boredom and stress.

It is therefore important to develop and nurture a hobby that adds some zing to our lives and keeps us creative, fresh and full of ideas.

Our creative training workshops are specially designed to improve participants creative skills , nurture talents and to increase the scope of participant’s knowledge of interesting crafts.

Our interactive workshops help organizations and individuals at various levels and provide a better work environment, improved productivity, ability to cope with stress, enhanced work culture, personal growth, and increases employee motivation.

You will learn: 
Be it candle-making, gift-wrapping or paper crafts we conduct various workshops that are completely interactive and offer hands-on training.

Participants of the workshop actually get to work with the mentor fostering an overall learning with practical experiences.