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Chocolate making:

Discover the rich history of chocolate and learn to temper, mould, sculpt and create your own chocolate model in this introduction to chocolate making. This course is suitable for those with a keen interest in cooking or who are planning to work with quality chocolate and make their own products. Participants will learn about tempering chocolate, making ganaches filling, piping chocolates, making moulded chocolates, rolled chocolates and hollow figures. Participants will receive advice on presenting and storing chocolates and on avoiding common problems with chocolate-making.

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Creative Art and Craft:

Art, Craft and Design are three inter-dependent disciplines. They are fundamental to human existence, predating written language. They play a major role in human evolution and development. Each involves a different way of thinking. These unite in the basic human drive to shape the world, for functional purposes, and to express and communicate ideas and feelings.

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Paper Quilling:

 Quilling is the art of making designs by rolling and gluing strips of paper into a variety of shapes. These can be used for a wide range of items such as cards, invitations, picture frames or scrapbook pages. The quilling method gives a three-dimensional effect to the design. While the technique is simple, designs can range from straightforward to very complex.

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Gift Packing:

Gift packing course can be an ideal choice for you to showcase your talent. Move ahead and refine your gift packing techniques for all types of gifts. Learn to pack gifts of all sizes and shapes and enliven them with exclusive range of packing techniques.

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Trousseau Packing:

An aesthetic course which can really transform you not only as a true Wedding Packer but a Professional Packers for all Occasion. It can practically awake your own creativity, Colour Sense, Design Ideas, Theme and practical approach for innovative and aesthetic packaging all the time.

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Paper Craft:

Learn how to create beautiful greetings cards and other paper arts at courses, classes and workshops at Honeybee Institute. Paper crafts can see you create wondrous yet humble objects of delicate beauty from materials most people have lying around the house! Our paper craft tutors will show you the way to explore this elegant craft medium, which includes origami, decorations, modelling and making greetings cards.

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Best Out of Waste:

Do you have lots of waste materials inside your home and don’t know what to do with it, except for throwing it off. Hold on guys, We have something very creative to show you! You can now recycle your waste materials to get the best out of it.

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